Goldilocks and the three mares

Animals, Landscape, Photography

A wonderful day walking up the Vale of Ewyas starting from Llanthony Priory and winding our way towards Capel-y-ffin.  Cold breezes stirred the soul and the heavy mist which clung to the mountain tops parted every now and again to let pockets of sunshine light up the autumn leaves in fiery golds, reds and oranges.   The dying bracken added to the palette of brown, russet and burnt umber. Calling ravens circled above our heads, wild ponies pricked their ears and Black Welsh Mountain sheep bleated their hellos as we tromped by.

Later as the mist started to clear, we drove up the valley into the hills and emerged to a spectacular view towards Hereford.  Here, the wild ponies looked windswept, as though they’d just stepped onto the set of a shampoo advert with their long, flowing (err..slightly tangled) manes and shaggy fetlocks.







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