YNOT Festival

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I’m almost 40 and I’d never been to weekend music festival – until last weekend. I survived – Woo!  My campervan was a God send a little haven of tranquility (well, everything is relative) at the end of the day.  I wasn’t sure I had the stamina for an event like YNOT – to be honest, I’m still not sure.  Every evening I endured the 20 minute tromp back to the van through a sea of tents half-buried in empty cans of larger, food cartons, bottles and general detritus.  The stench of stale beer, sweaty bodies and the remnants of people’s alcoholic binges, hung cloyingly in the air.  I can’t even bear to mention the toilets. In fact, I paid a premium to use the posh loos because the idea of sharing a portable toilet with 30,000 festival goers sent me into meltdown.  I want to know do these young people make it to adulthood without being scarred by the experience?

In all, the event was great fun.  Lots to do, see, eat and drink. We saw an eclectic mix of bands including some oldies like Peter Hook & the Light (former member of New Order and Joy Division). We did Saturday morning aerobics with Mr. Motivator (from GMTC) who is still going strong at circa 65!  What’s more,  I was shocked to discover that I could thoroughly enjoy bands with names like Ferocious Dog and Band of Skulls!

Below:  YAKuntitled-36-2-Edit

Below:  Tin Pigeonsuntitled-70-Edit


Below:  Ferocious Doguntitled-29-2-Edit


Below: Just one of the herduntitled-55-2

Below:  Mr Motivatoruntitled-62-2




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