Boys will be boys

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Photography, Portrait

I recently had great fun photographing an adorable, funny and feisty young man at the botanical gardens.   From the get go he was running ahead, chasing squirrels, circling trees, hiding behind bushes – within the first five minutes, I’d worked up a sweat just trying to keep up with him.    There is no point trying to coax a child into posing, instead you need to work on capturing brief moments when they pause or spot something of interest.    It turns out Logan had a penchant for puddles and spent a full 10 minutes stomping and jumping from one to another.

The weather was a bit dull and misty which actually makes for quite nice lighting.  No harsh shadows to contend with – in fact it acts a little like a diffuser.  Equipment used:  5D MK iii, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 and Canon 100mm F/2.8.







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