International Horse Trials

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My first time at the International Horse Trials at Chatsworth House.   Such a vibrant event; beautiful horses, dogs at every turn and a great atmosphere.   I’ve whittled 400 images down to just 15, so hope you enjoy!  I particularly enjoyed the Scurry Driving event!

Horse trials-6-2

Horse trials-7

Horse trials-15-2

Horse trials-21-2

Horse trials-35

Horse trials-43

Horse trials-56

Horse trials-58

Horse trials-110

Horse trials-94

Horse trials-16-3

Horse trials-76

Horse trials-75

Horse trials-44-2

4 thoughts on “International Horse Trials”

  1. Whoa, those are some AMAZING photos! In the horse jumps, it looks like the horse will barely make it! 😀

  2. bhavana says:

    Ohh lovely I have only watched it on television ! I think only the british participate, is it so?

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