Anna’s hummingbird

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Of the several hundred photos I downloaded to my computer from my Arizona trip, I have now narrowed it down to 300. As I review them over and over, the number dwindles – delete, delete, delete – I’m being ruthless and there’s still plenty of work to be done.  Here’s one from the first couple of days.  It was taken in the back garden of our accommodation which merges almost immediately into desert.

The hummingbird is an amazing little creature,  its heart rate beats over 1000 times per minute – they are constantly on the move, searching for food to keep their high metabolism ticking along.   At night they fall into a state of torper/semi hibernation dropping their heart rate to only 50 beats per minute.   Each morning it can take up to an hour before they are fully awake and ready for the day ahead.    I photographed this little Anna’s hummingbird collecting cobweb silk to build her nest!

One thought on “Anna’s hummingbird”

  1. That’s an amazing picture! Did you notice that the hummingbird’s shadow kind of looks like a heart? Yep, I know how it is to have to narrow down the gazillions of trip pictures. XD I had close to 1,000 pictures from our Western USA trip, and boy was it a job to prune them! But it’s also fun to look back and remember things from the trip.

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