Abandoned Chapel

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It’s quite a thing not having the pressure of taking a photo every day.   I went for a 6 mile walk at the weekend and left the camera at home even though I knew there would be some interesting scenery – Shock!  In fact, I relished being able to focus on the walk without the weight of my camera and lenses putting strain on my knees and shoulders.   However, when I reached the summit of a hill and the Derbyshire Peak District rolled out before me as far as the eyes could see, there was a moment when I wondered if I’d made the right decision.   But, instead of wishing I’d taken my camera, I made a mental note of the spot and vowed to head out on another day to focus on the photography.   Oh the freedom!

Although I didn’t capture the dramatic scenery on a fresh winter’s day in the Peaks, I did do a bit of urbexing in an old abandoned chapel. It was quite sad to see this place crumbling away and the once proud organ subject to vandalism.   I can never understand people enter these places for the sole purpose of causing destruction.






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