323/354 – A speedlite exercise

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Animals, Photography

How exciting! My new Magmod kit arrived today.  Magnet modifiers are sleek, easy to use modifiers for most speedlites.   I bought a couple of accessories including the basic kit with some gels, Maggrid (a honeycomb grid) and Magsphere (a round, rubber diffuser).  I was itching to get out and try it but in the absence of a subject, I had to make do with my wooden bear.  I practiced with two speedlites at varying angles.   Now I’d like to scale this up a bit i.e. with a human subject and a nice location!   The images in this post are straight out of camera – the main image is my favourite kind of single light photography – the flash is positioned slightly behind the subject to the right with the Maggrid attached.

Below:  Flash position camera left with Magsphere diffuser and another flash positioned diagonally opposite.


Below: on camera flash pointing straight up with Magsphere diffuser.  Second flash positioned behind right.untitled_3_151119

Below: off camera flash with honeycomb diffuser to the left and, if I recall, a second flash pointed at the wall behind (from the right).untitled_5_151119

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