312/365 – Flash photography

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Photography, Portrait

Today I spent the day on a flash photography course with Going Digital.  I wanted to put some of my self-taught understanding into practice under the watchful eye of a professional.  It was a great day.   I learnt not to be afraid of my flash, not to worry about pointing it directly at the subject (even without a modifier) and how to use fill-in flash to enhance outdoor portrait photography.   The whole day really helped to iron out some wrinkles and I came away feel much more confident and ready to put what I learned to the test. It was well worth the experience and the young girl who posed for the students get’s a huge high five for her patience.

The main image (above) was an exercise in using the flash off camera to overpower the daylight and create a more moody, interesting shot.

Below:  A gold reflector is being held to the left, the flash is bounced off it to give a lovely even, gentle light.


Below: Again, bouncing the flash off a reflector


Below:  This was one of the first test shots.  We were in an archway where the background light was causing the subject’s to be silhouetted.  The object was to ensure the exposure of background was balanced with the subject whilst adding a bit of gentle fill flash.


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