308/365 – Dogs dogs and more dogs

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Today I spent two hours at the Doggy Den where I had my annual quota of dog hugs, nuzzles, drool and licks.  Great fun!   The owner kindly allowed me in after I explained that I was building my portfolio and wanted some new and interesting photos opportunities.  I was also keen to get some practice in a different environment where I needed to use my flash.

It is a fantastic place – the dogs are happy and well looked after.  All of the staff have a great way with the dogs and they are very knowledgeable about dog behaviour and socialisation.  When I finally get my own dog, I’d be very happy to send them to the Doggy Den!

On this occasion I was massively challenged. The flourscent lighting, manic, constantly moving dogs, use of flash…bla bla. It was a difficult shoot but I was happy with a handful of the shots.  My photo of the day is of one of the members of staff and a particularly sweet cockapoo!













One thought on “308/365 – Dogs dogs and more dogs”

  1. This is a great post! I really enjoyed looking at all the different kinds of dogs. I especially love the picture of the dogs in the armchair – so cute! Is the Doggy Den like a place where you can buy dogs, or is it like a “daycare” for dogs?

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