305/365 – Deer at dawn

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Nature, Photography, Wildlife

WOWZERS!  It’s November and the temperature soared to 17.5 degrees Celcius this afternoon!

At 6.30am, I peaked from my bedroom window and could tell the sunset over the Peak District would be a good one. I knew it would probably be my one and only chance to capture the red deer at the end of the rutting season.  I’d already the missed the clash of the titans earlier in the month and have been drooling enviously over my friends’ photos.   I wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass and I was rewarded.  Such a beautiful golden morning with thin veils of mist clinging to heathland.  The deer stirred from their sleep and roared to each other ‘this is my patch, and these are my gals’.    I had a good 45 minutes on my own with the deer before the dog walkers made an appearance and caused the deer to trot off into the distance.

The main image of the day was taken with my Canon 7D Mk II:

  • Canon EF 400mm lens f/5.6L at f/8.0
  • 1/500sec
  • ISO 100






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