304/365 – Happy Halloween!

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It has been exceptionally mild the past few days, the heating has gone off again and the winter duvet is baking us in our beds! I donned jeans for the first time since my operation 10 days ago, they were still a little uncomfortable but it was nice to be wearing normal clothes for a change.   Feeling fighting fit, well almost, I headed to the nearby woods for a gentle walk – it was beautiful.

Later that afternoon, and despite not having kids, we carved pumpkins and decorated the house ready for trick or treaters.  My other half’s scary, plague doctor mask scared away a total of 7 tiny witches, a pirate and a skeleton (all of whom were under the age of 5)!!  Several parents parted with words such as ‘she wasn’t expecting something THAT scary!  I fear those little ones did not get a good night’s sleep!








3 thoughts on “304/365 – Happy Halloween!”

    • Thanks Allison, the bird is a jay. They’re actually from the crow family! They are very shy birds so I’m glad to have snapped it!

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