295/365 – Post op

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Well this photo is simply a formality. I had surgery in the morning. A day case. Nothing major. But, I had a very bad reaction to the anaesthesia which meant I couldn’t move without losing the contents of my stomach.  

I should have been in and out of hospital quickly (I was in at 7am) but was finally kicked out of the centre at 8pm when they were closing. I was bundled into the back of a car with a sick bowl, still in my theatre gown and little dignity.   Once home, I had was dragged up two flights of stairs, promptly vomited, then fell into bed.   
My conscientious other half knew how important my photo of the day was so set up a subject, held my phone and used my semi conscious finger to take a quick iPhone picture before I passed out for the night!  So I bring to you my sick bowl with a side dish of pain killers and a glass of water! 

One thought on “295/365 – Post op”

  1. Awwww, I hope you feel better! It was so sweet of your husband to help you out – but I bet you didn’t really want to take a picture at that moment. 🙂

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