274/365 – Moon rising

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Landscape, Photography

A cold, dark night on Burbage Edge – it was magical!  Big, inky blue skies, 360 panoramas and an uninterrupted view of the milky way, the big dipper, the planets…my first foray into astrophotography. But it wasn’t so successful.  The biggest learning point of the night was focusing – with such dark skies it’s virtually impossible to focus by eye, auto focus doesn’t work and setting the lens to infinity focus is a bit hit an miss. I chose not to use live view (something I regret) because it doesn’t perform particularly well in the dark – almost all of my shots had blurry stars.   The only shot that was half way worthy of sharing was the rising moon. When I started to pack up, the moon just crept over the horizon –  interesting but the stars in the image are in focus.    A bit more research and some practice is required.

Pictured below is a very blurry image of the big dipper but you get what was trying to achieve!


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