270/365 – Super blood moon

Landscape, Photography

Everyone has been posting images of the super blood moon – a rare combination of a lunar eclipse and a full moon being closer than usual.   The event happened in the early hours of the morning when I was fast asleep. But, when I saw the moon rising on the horizon at about 7.30pm, I couldn’t resist taking a photo – it had a beautiful yellow glow and looked enormous!

Photographs of the moon all seem pretty similar to me unless there is some interesting foreground to add a bit of depth.  Unfortunately, laziness combined with tiredness prevented me from heading out into the Peak District to put what I know into practice.  I’d spent the day watching the Rugby World Cup in Birmingham (Uruguay vs Australia) and was still recovering from the remnants of a cold, so the top of my road was as far as I could muster.

2 thoughts on “270/365 – Super blood moon”

  1. SkyeB says:

    I (being a sleep-lover) didn’t wake up in the early hours of the morning to see the moon however a few days later I was out for a walk late in the night with a friend that had woken up to see the moon. Amazingly she told me that the moon was infact redder than it had been when she woke up in the earlier hours!

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