265/365 – Physalis

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Landscape, Macro, Nature, Photography

This time of year is perfect for deep, red sunsets.  If only I could capture them properly.  I initially set out with no particular intention and ended up I driving and driving, exploring new roads and possible walking future routes.   Nothing made me want to get out of the car until I started to head home and the sky changed several different shades of orange, pink, gold.  I stopped to capture it but sadly only had the option of a 100mm or 400mm prime lens.   Opting for the 100mm, spent 20 minutes experimenting.    Back at the ranch and in front of my computer, I despaired a little!   I couldn’t rescue the highlights and the composition was pretty non descript.   In the end I opted for a close up of a physalis or Chinese lantern.   Their skeletons are beautiful. In the next few days, I may be loitering around my neighbour’s garden in the hope that a few more specimens ‘fall off’ (ahem) their bush!


One thought on “265/365 – Physalis”

  1. Oooh! That is a beautiful physalis! I’ve never heard of them before, but it looks kind of like a ground cherry. I know the feeling of trying to capture a great sunset, but it just doesn’t look quite right on your camera. 😦

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