254/365 – Quiet graze

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The digital manipulation of images has always generated heated discussions online and off.  When does photography branch into the realm of digital art?  In my opinion, there is a fine line between the manipulation of photographs in order to make the necessary ‘digital darkroom adjustments’, and the clear modification of images to create something which is no longer recognisable as the original photo.  Adding to, or embellishing things in an image unless it’s for fun, a particular design project or for practice, is not something I normally do. Instead, I prefer to try and get as much right in-camera before polishing the image off in Lightroom/Photoshop using dodging and burning techniques and occasionally applying filters.

Perhaps I’m missing a trick. Maybe I could achieve so much more if I embraced digital manipulation! That isn’t to say that I don’t do it – you may have noticed that over the past 254 photos there have been some very obvious efforts to create a new composition using digital techniques.   On this day, my 254th day of taking photos, I left work early and travelled to North Yorkshire for an impromptu camping trip in my camper van.   By the time we arrived on site, the light was fading and I made a rush job of trying to snap a few images while we explored the local area.   When I finally got round to viewing the images on a big screen, they were awful.  So, on this occasion, I decided to try (I’m no expert) and merge two awful photos to create one, slightly better one…

Below are the originals



2 thoughts on “254/365 – Quiet graze”

  1. smackedpentax says:

    Superb photoset – I love the simplicity of them. Beautiful 🙂

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