249/365 – Sunset…or not

Landscape, Photography

It was a beautiful day with a cloudless sky, bright sunshine and the prospect of a magnificent sunset.  I put a call out to some of my photography buddies and we agreed to meet to take some golden sunset photos.    Having whinged about landscape photography ‘not being my genre’, I thought I should try again to be absolutely sure.

Driving into the car park at the meeting point, I spied a heavy black cloud on the horizon, this did not bode well.  The sun slowly dropped and I tried to grab a few shots of the heather before it disappeared behind the impenetrable wall of cloud 10 minutes before sunset was due.  It was another disappointing evening of photography and I made a ‘dog’s ear’ out of the photos I did manage to get.  They are simply not worth writing home about, let alone sharing, but I’m afraid I have nothing else to offer and part of this project was to share the good, the bad and the ugly!




2 thoughts on “249/365 – Sunset…or not”

  1. I love the last one! It looks like a beautiful landscape to me, sunset or no! 🙂

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