244/365 – A work of art

Landscape, Nature, Photography

If there’s one genre of photography that I struggle with, it’s landscapes.   Capturing some of the fabulous scenery just minutes from my back door has always been a challenge.  I neither have the eye nor the patience for the right light.  Even afterwards, I have no idea how to process the images.  I keep trying, albeit half heartedly, but unlike learning about studio lighting, stalking animals, creating an interesting abstract, landscapes just don’t excite me in the same way.

Despite this, I couldn’t let the heather come and go with out trying to photograph it at least once, so I headed to Burbage Edge near Mother Cap to see what I could see.  The fading light was cool and grey and the large storm clouds blocked the setting sun – I waited for nearly an hour for it to appear but gave up.  Of course, the moment I left, the clouds parted and the most beautiful fiery sky was revealed.  I could see it in my rear view mirror as I headed home *sigh*.


4 thoughts on “244/365 – A work of art”

  1. Oooh, I’ve always wondered what heather looked like. They are beautiful pictures – I think you did a great job!

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