242/365 – Big. Bad. Tractors.

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Photography, Sport

Our friends know how to find entertainment and the North West Tractor Pulling competition was no exception. Never heard of tractor pulling?  Well, this description from the North West Tractor Pulling Club explains:

Tractor pulling competitions take place on a 100 metre track, and involve the machines pulling a weight transfer sledge. A weight transfer sledge basically gets heavier to pull as it is pulled down the track. This is achieved by increasing the weight on the pan of the sledge by moving the weight box from the rear to the front of the sledge as the sledge is pulled forward. The winner of the competition is the machine that can pull the sledge the furthest.

If you ever thought tractors were boring, you obviously haven’t seen the tractors that compete!  Some of the modified tractors (featured image) sport V8 and V12 engines that require a set of ear defenders to protect your ears from the roar!  As for tractor wheelies, well they are in abundance!   A great day out and a bit of panning practice too!





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