233/365 – Teddy bears’ picnic…

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Photography, Still life, Wildlife

When I was younger, I had loads of teddy bears and believed every one of them would come alive in the middle of the night.  I used to line them up on my pillow at bedtime and rotate the order each night so they all had the opportunity to sleep next to me.   Today, Edward (who is my partner’s bear, pictured right) and BRRRRR (pictured left) often share a stiff drink and share stories.  BRRRRR is quite young in bear terms…possibly only 9 or 10yrs, so he has a lot to learn about the world.  Edward is nearly 40 years old and is well travelled. As you can see, he’s coming apart at the seams, so he tries not to do anything too strenuous these days for fear he may completely fall apart.

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