223/365 – Croscosmia

Macro, Nature, Photography

A gentle evening amble around the local neighbourhood.  I had hoped to bump into some of the resident cats but the street was quiet. Normally, I stop to stroke any feline that gives me the time of day – we have a brief chat before I march on to the train station on my morning commute, or back to my house after work.  But this evening it seemed they were all inside, probably cleaning themselves after a hearty meal.   My only animal encounter was with a small Yorkshire terrier who on spying me, yapped until he was blue (I’m guessing), then sort of gave me a wry smile as if to say ‘that’ll teach you’, even though his presence was about as frightening as a bunny with a lollipop.






2 thoughts on “223/365 – Croscosmia”

  1. Prretty! That sentence about the Yorkshire terrier really tickled my funnybone.

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