205-207/365 – Tramlines (A point and shoot challenge)

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Sheffield Tramlines is an annual music festival stretching across the city over one weekend.  In previous years it was a free festival where you could discover up and coming musicians, of all genres,  in every nook and cranny of the city.  It has since become a paid for event with more well-known bands, bigger venues, greater demand for tickets as well as the obvious restrictions – no drinks, no food, no PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!! The rules stipulate:

Festival-goers will not be permitted to bring professional cameras onsite. Standard compact cameras will be permitted for personal use, though festival-goers will not be able to bring in cameras with either interchangeable lenses or a lens longer than 6 inches. Any camera with a removable lens, a zoom 3x or greater, or 10MP cameras will be deemed to be professional cameras and will not be permitted. Professional photographers and videographers must apply for press accreditation prior to the event.

In a mad panic, I dug through my drawers and cupboards to find my little point and shoot (Canon IXUS) I aimed to rise to the challenge, and boy was it a challenge!  I missed my DSLR sooooo much. On day two I considered sneaking it in, but knew there’d be bag searches on the gates and I didn’t want to be turned away from any gigs.

I tried my darndest with the limited in-camera options and as expected, the results were disappointing. I have therefore clumped all of these images together because I didn’t think they warranted their own, individual posts.

Below: 205/365 – A perfect pair. The couple featured in this photo were so in-synch, they even had his and hers converse!

205/365 - A perfect pair

Below:  207/365 – Double base.  It poured with rain on the last day of the festival.  We wore full wet weather gear including waterproof trousers and wellies.   The lighting was so poor that my little camera could barely manage to focus.

207/365 - Double base

Dog baby


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