199/365 – People of Manchester…and other stuff

Black and white, Photography, Portrait, Street Photography

Manchester is fab!  There’s so much to see and do.  We pounded the streets, zig-zagging across the city centre trying to visit all the ‘must sees’ that had been recommended to us.   The gothic splendour of the John Ryland Library, a tour of the Coronation Street set, the Museum of Science and Industry, The Lowry and Whitworth Galleries, the bright shiny lights of Salford Quays…the list goes on and we definitely didn’t have time to cram it all in.

My favourite part by far, was the shabby chic Northern Quarter, full of quirky boutiques, second hand shops, cafes full of hipsters, and a haven for the aspiring and inspiring artist.  I found myself relaxed…like I was amongst friends.  So relaxed that I even approached a few people to take their photograph.    In the Manchester Art and Design Centre, I stopped to chat to a few of the artists, and longed after my own little studio.

I’d like to thank the jewellers Jon Damian for posing “out of focus in the background”, and Colette Hazelwood, for chatting to me about the perks of having your own studio space!  And to they guy in Beermoth, an independent specialist beer shop, who hates having his picture taken but “for some reason” is always asked to be photographed!   The latter gave me an opportunity to test my flash skills under pressure…I still have some work to do in that department!





HB5A5905-Edit   HB5A5822   HB5A5805 HB5A5796   HB5A5829

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