198/365 – Grolsch

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Photography, Street Photography

We’d never really considered a city break in Manchester, probably because it’s only an hour down the tracks and it’s easy to put things off when it’s virtually on your back doorstep.  Well, on this occasion we decided a cheeky getaway break would be an inspiring photo opportunity and a chance to explore the bustling metropolis that’s a stone’s throw from home.

Friday night was a bit of a blur.  We hopped on the train straight from work, dumped our bags in the hotel and headed out into the urban jungle.   As you can imagine, Friday nights in a large city are full of party goers and people unwinding for the weekend with copious amounts of alcohol.  We dodged swinging arms holding beer, sidestepped drunk young men singing at the top of their lungs and gawped disbelievingly at ladies in 6 inch heals with only a few strips of cloth covering their shivering bodies. Gosh! that makes us sound like a pair of fuddy duddies, but we’re more used to the sedate, old-man pubs on the edge of the Peak District, frequented by people in outdoor gear and keen for decent pint of real ale!   Don’t get me wrong, nighttime in Manchester is a feast for the people watcher’s (and photographer’s) eyes!

On our travels, we were summoned by some young and attractive Grolsch representatives to have our photo taken by a wall of cameras.  A celebration of 400 years of the lager!  Of course, I immediately wanted to photograph the cameras so pushed to the front!





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