195/365 – Performance

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Photography, Street Photography

I have decided to work on post production techniques using photoshop.   I’m getting to grips with composition and am becoming more and more familiar with my camera’s capability and although I don’t use all of its functionality, I can easily find my way around it.

So I decided that this week, I’d read some tutorials and practice applying different effects to my photos.    My first lesson was in creating images that have a gritty, movie style finish.   Well, I had an excellent opportunity to try this effect after watching an excellent performance of Camelot: The Shining City at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre.   The show starts in the theatre, but the audience is soon ‘evacuated’ as the Crucible goes up in smoke.  Donning headsets, we headed outdoors for a street performance steeped in the story of King Arthur that combines pyrotechnics, audio visual effects and cast of more than 150!  It was a roaring success and a great opportunity to take photos which I could apply my cine-effect to.     It is quite a bold treatment and I think the fact that I used a very high ISO adds to the grittiness.  I’m not sure how I feel about it though…


Below:  a revolution in the city centre

Below:  riot police



Below: blowing stuff up!  untitled_21_150714-Edit

Below: Arthur’s men

Below: no effect applied, just liked these bobbly headed policemenuntitled_5_150714

Below:  the audience are transfixed!

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