187/365 – Well dressing


Well dressing is a quaint summer tradition which finds its origins (possibly) in a Pagan ritual celebrating clean spring water.  There are other possible theories about its origins but this is my favourite.   The practice takes part in many of the towns and villages around Derbyshire, Staffordshire, South Yorkshire and Cheshire and involves adorning a well with murals made of flowers and natural materials. Some of the designs are incredibly intricate!

This past Sunday a well-dressing service was held at the well on the edge of our local village green, so of course it should feature as a photo of the day.  The theme of this year’s mural is the signing of Magna Carta which celebrates its 800th anniversary this year!




3 thoughts on “187/365 – Well dressing”

  1. That is amazing. I’m sure that took a lot of patience for whoever made it.☺ Do you know how many people created this?

    • Not sure Allison, when I went to take pictures a lady was saying she’s done one hand and a face…so I reckon there a quite a few people involved! Lots of leaves, peppercorns, rice, daisies, palm leaves…all sorts! It’s fantastic!

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