182/365 – Halfway

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I’ve officially reached the half way mark of my 365 project! Whoopeee!

It has been another blisteringly hot day, the hottest on record for a July day in the UK, and what do I do? I decide to climb a mountain.  All 893m of Cader Idris.  It might not seem like a lot and granted the actual trail is only 6 miles, but 2 hours straight up and 2 hours straight down does take its toll on the knees.  My mountain hopping parents would be proud.  A shout out to Mr and Mrs ‘Mountain Goat’ Nathan who are on the verge of starting the Pennine way and regularly scale real mountains in the Alps.

Sadly there are no photos of the mountain, instead I ferreted around the kitchen in our tiny holiday cottage to find something to represent half.   It’s a bit literal, but you get the picture!  Here’s to another 182 days!

One thought on “182/365 – Halfway”

  1. Amazing commitment to do this every day. Congratulations and hope the second half of the year will be fruitful and enjoyable

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