180/365 – Cader Idris panorama

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Landscape, Nature, Photography, Wildlife

Today was glorious weather! We headed out early to the Dyfi Osprey Project where Monty and his mate are rearing three young chicks.  The live camera feed gave us a nest eye view of the mother feeding her chicks a fresh fish, but other than that, they were simply specks in the distance only visible with a good pair of binoculars or a telescope.   We pottered for a time and photographed reed warblers, siskin, and red polls before heading off to Aberdyfi, a quaint seaside town that looks across the mouth of the river Dovey (Dyfi if you’re Welsh).  It offers fine, sandy beaches stretching several kilometers from the estuary out to sea.  The sun shone brightly so we kicked off our shoes and walked for an hour along the shore.

On the way home we followed a tiny road high into the mountains where I attempted a panoramic photo. The view is one I took several days ago with my iPhone when we climbed Foel Ispri, and looks across to Cader Idris which we will attempt to hike in the next couple of days. The photographic conditions weren’t perfect but it was a great opportunity to test the technique and use Lightroom/Photoshop to stitch the images together.

Red poll

Female siskinHB5A4489

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