178/365 – Woodpecker

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A lazy start to the day – the first, luxurious morning after a week of top and tailing in the van.  Oh what a fabulous night’s sleep! I do love the van but I also looooove a real bed!

We fuelled ourselves with museli, blueberries and freshly brewed coffee before heading off to hike the New Precipice.  I don’t know what happened to the old precipice but the new one takes you high above the Mawddach estuary and offers breathtaking views out to sea.   I have included an iPhone photo below of the view.


Back at the ranch I sat watching the bird feeder at the back of the cottage, hoping to photograph the shy, elusive jay that has appeared intermittently only to be frightened off at the slightest movement.  I’ve always wanted to photograph a jay but they are wiley and generally speaking don’t like to be near humans.  I tried to minimise my intrusion by wearing my camouflage sheeting…it didn’t help.   I did however manage to photograph one of several woodpeckers.

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