168/365 – Feet not featured!

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Today started off rather oddly. As usual I locked up and set off to work on my bicycle.  Two thirds of the way into the cycle, I realised I’d locked my in-laws in the house (they were staying with us).  A house that is virtually impossible to escape from unless you are willing to climb out of the attic window and shimmy down a drain pipe.  There were expletives!  I cycled uphill at full pelt in order to let them out and head back to work for a reasonable start time…thankfully they took pity on my red face, heaving lungs and sweaty personage and offered to give me a lift back to work.

Forgive me but today’s feature image is not technically my photo of the day – that is below and is simply a photo of me with my feet up, relaxing in front of the last episode of Game of Thrones.  You can see why it didn’t make it as my headline photo – I don’t have the feet of a model…more of a hobbit.  The image that I have chosen as my feature image is one I took yesterday at Sheffield Train Station – I didn’t want you to think I’d cheated, I just prefer the water feature!



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