164/365 – Photostacking

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Macro, Nature, Photography

After a day of dreary weather, the rain stopped just long enough for me to step outdoors and take some photos of droplets on garden plants.   I thought this would be a good opportunity to try a bit of photo stacking.  This is the process of taking multiple images of the same subject (in the same position) and in each photo, slightly adjusting the area of focus.  It is used particularly in macro photography.   The images are then laid on top of each other using Photoshop or other software, and blended to create a final image that has a greater depth of field.    I can’t say I really understand the benefits yet – why is this better than justing a smaller aperture?   Anyway, this is the result – I’m sure I could improve. I only used 8 images to create final image because my computer couldn’t cope with the large amount of data.

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