149/365 – A game of Quidditch?

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Architecture, Landscape, Nature, Photography

Today was our last full day of the holiday before heading home.  We spent much of it ambling around Alnwick doing a spot of geocaching, collecting clues and finding hidden treasures (yes we are adults, I know!!).   Then onwards to Alnwick Castle where we were surrounded by Harry Potter wannabes dressed in cloaks and brandishing broomsticks.  There was even a training course for kids who wanted to learn to ride their broomstick!   Alwnick Castle has been the set for numerous films including Harry Potter and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, then it’s also the place to be.

For most of the day the clouds looked threatening but it made for more dramatic photographs.   Later, I headed out with my camera to the outskirts of Alnwick gardens to do a bit of bird photography.  I spotted 5 separate nest sites and couldn’t help but have a nosey at a nest full of baby blackbirds just next door to a great tit nest full of chirpy chicks.   Don’t worry, I didn’t disturb them, I just had a little peek!   So today’s photos are a bit of a mishmash – you’ll also notice a rather attractive tree house – I’ll be eating at this restaurant later.






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