145/365 – A game of Chase!

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I’m currently on holiday and have spent the last three days on the east coast of Yorkshire at Robin Hood’s Bay. Yesterday we headed out to Whitby, a quaint little fishing town and home of Dracula, for a cheeky game of Kubb (Viking Chess) on the beach and some fish and chips from the famous Magpie Chippy. While we tossed bits of wood around our makeshift Kubb pitch, we also watched dogs of every shape and size frolicking in the water, chasing each other up and down the beach, digging, barking, rolling in the sand and trying to steal our Kubb pieces.   There wasn’t a single unhappy canine to be seen! The dog in my picture was manic and kept approaching possible playmates then enticing them to engage in a game of Chase.   He was athletic and clearly very proud of his ability to outrun every other dog on the beach.

We wandered around the bustling streets of Whitby and came across a man playing folk music with a horrifyingly ugly marionette…children were running for their lives at the sight, but what a picture.

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