141/365 – Greedy guts

Animals, Nature, Photography

I was up earlier than usual this morning in order to prepare myself for the first commute on my shiny new bicycle. Once I’d packed my bags and prepped the bicycle, I found I had a spare 20 minutes on my hands so decided to attempt another shot of the pesky starlings.    Within 24 hours they had devoured an entire feeder full of suet pellets and as I ate my breakfast, six of them were noisily attempting to get at the last few morsels at the bottom.   I don’t normally take photos of birds on feeders, I dislike how unnatural the wire mesh looks, but today I made an exception.

I opened the back door, drew the curtains across leaving a gap just big enough for the lens to poke through, and waited. I have always thought starlings are quite sinister looking birds, a bit oily and greasy, as though they’ve been on hanging around the dustbins too long.   On closer inspection, however their feathers are quite beautiful – and you have to love their crackles and quips as they shout at one another.



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