129/365 – Gannets

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Animals, Nature, Photography

On a whim and despite the inclement weather, we decided to take the campervan to Bempton Cliffs, a well known RSPB reserve where thousands of seabirds come to nest. My favourite birds at this site, apart from the puffins, are the gannets who squabble and cackle with each other before taking off and soaring through the sky like feathered torpedos!

Bempton Cliffs is the largest mainland breeding site for Gannets and it really is worth a visit.    Breeding pairs court each other by stretching up and crossing their bills back and forth as if in a duel – great to watch. You can also watch them gathering nesting material from the top of the cliff.  In flocks they rip up grass and soil and take whole beaks full back to their precarious nests on the face of the cliffs.

129/365 - Gannet



Below is a kittiwakeuntitled_12_150509

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