128/365 – Commiserations

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Personally I think it is a bad day for Britain.   After the highs of meeting Nick Clegg last night, today I can only wonder what he must be feeling.   When I spoke to him I asked, “what are the key policies your party can claim to have delivered as part of the coalition?”  Tax cuts, pupil premiums and fairer/equal pensions for women were amongst some of his responses.  He also hastened to add that his party had managed to temper some of the more extreme policies put forward by the Conservatives.  I believe they kept the Conservatives just right of centre.

Somehow, I don’t think that came through in the campaign and I’m surprised that the British public were not more forgiving of Clegg’s ‘Broken Promises’.   I may be taking a simplistic view of things but surely the price of being in a coalition with the Conservatives who are bigger and whose beliefs are quite radically different from the Lib Dems, meant that in order to get anything done, compromises had to be made.    Why couldn’t people see past that?  Anyway,  I wonder what will happen now that the Conservatives have free reign to govern and the more right wing back benchers have a bigger say in where our country goes.    I fear for the NHS (my partner works for it), I fear for our union with Scotland, I fear an exit from Europe, I fear that universities will become elitist, I fear for the growth in free schools,  I fear for the rise in food banks and the poor getting poorer…but hey, that’s democracy and the people have spoken.    Today’s photo of the day therefore is an empty class of beer – commiserations Nick!

On a lighter note, a friend of mine pointed out that yesterday’s photo of the day wasn’t technically taken by me.   And she is right, unless I had three arms, it was actually taken by Nick Clegg.   Well, I did take a photo yesterday. I can hand on heart claim that I have ‘technically’ taken a photo every day so far this year. Here it is, a picture of an art installation at work:



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