97/365 – Serenity

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Animals, Nature, Photography

I had the benefit of an extra day’s holiday yesterday.  Whilst many returned to work, I was free to roam and do as I pleased.  I set out for our local nature reserve, Potteric Carr, in fantastic sunshine, my head buzzing with a mélange (ooer) of possibilities. I kept thinking how wonderful it would be if we didn’t have to work for a living!  The reserve covers a vast area and has a range of habitats from wetlands, grasslands and woodlands. It can easily take a couple of hours or more to walk around if you factor in bird watching, photography and cups of coffee!

All the birds were paired or paring up and the geese honked noisily, chasing rivals off and reaffirming their partnerships.  I love watching them fly in unison.   My photo of the day however, was the pochard.  What a handsome chap.  His chestnut head looked beautiful in the morning light, whilst the tones and reflections of the bird and the reeds just added atmosphere for me.   I’ve also added a few more images for your perusal!





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