95/365 – Pink

Abstract, Landscape, Photography

Yesterday was another fabulous day.  It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for the spirit.  We drove from our campsite in Bala across Snowdonia National Park to Barmouth, a picturesque seaside town at the base of the mountains that stretch towards the sea.  We stopped intermittently to take in the views and walk along the banks of the estuary which is crossed by an aesthetically pleasing railway bridge.   Every other person within driving distance had the same idea and we jostled our way through the Barmouth before escaping the hoards to climb the side of a steep cliff to be rewarded with panoramic views inland and out to sea.

I am by no means a landscape photographer so I apologise for the results, it’s just to give you a flavour.  The main image, is of the pink umbrella outside the ice cream stall where were queued for 20 minutes to have the obligatory bank holiday seaside ice-cream.




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