88/365 – Tree Creeper

Animals, Nature, Photography

I headed out to our local nature reserve under grey, squalling skies.  I nearly turned around fearing it would be a waste of time but 40 minutes later as I pulled into the car park, the clouds partially parted and the sun beamed down.   I’m beginning to think my photo a day is turning into a year long description of the weather.  Well you know us brits, we can’t help talking about it.

I spent 3 hours meandering around quiet paths, ducking into hides when the skies intermittently emptied.  I spotted deer, buzzards circling overhead, chiffchaffs, little grebes and a variety of the usual suspects: chaffinches; reed buntings; tits (blue, great, longtail and coal); and the most adorable wren noisily collecting leaves, moss and ferns to line her nest.    I do feel cheated now that the clocks have gone forward and stolen an hour of my weekend – I would happily have stayed longer.




2 thoughts on “88/365 – Tree Creeper”

  1. I love your bird pictures – whenever I get within 100 metres of a bird it always flies away! Don’t know how you do it!

    • Thanks Nicky…do you skulk around in the undergrowth wearing green? perhaps that’s where you’re going wrong 😉

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