83/365 – Curves

Abstract, Architecture, Photography

It was actually quite a productive day and I had lots of architectural images to choose from. Some from Sheffield where I pottered around the old Park Hill flats – probably some of the most iconic and opinion splitting buildings in Sheffield.  Whilst many sections lay empty and decrepit, others have been subject to a regeneration programme aiming to make the buildings more attractive to the yuppies!  It is an interesting place to visit and eerily quiet in the abandoned sections.

Later I travelled to Manchester where I went to watch a Sleater Kinney gig…on a school night no less!  I was thrilled by the evening light bouncing around the old and new buildings that surround Manchester Piccadilly station.  My choice for photo of the day is a simple, unaltered, unedited image of a curvy building…I just liked it!  But I also wanted to share Park Hill images…




Below: A now famous piece of graffiti which has been recreated with neon lights!


This section is part of the refurbished flats…a snazzy new spiral staircase!

83/365 - curvesBelow: A photo from the entrance to Manchester Piccadilly station.   The light was bouncing off a building to my left and illuminating this old fire station!


2 thoughts on “83/365 – Curves”

  1. Very cool! Have recently acquired a DSL with the intention of getting back into photography, so this will motivate me.

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