76/365 – Parkour Galore

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Photography, Street Photography

Blimey, it’s amazing what you come across on a lunch break in the centre of Sheffield!   A bit of parkour makes for an interesting photo of the day!   I have to admit, I kind of gate crashed a group of students filming and interviewing the parkour lads…but it was well worth it.

The men were from the Sheffield Parkour group and were fascinating to watch – so much energy, athleticism and ‘springyness’!  If only I’d had my other lens (I was stuck with a 100mm prime today) and I didn’t have to dash back to work, I would have spent more time watching them use the city as their playground.  I hope to be in touch with the group to arrange a day when I can spend more time catching the action!

With a wider angle lens you would have much more sense of the distance these guys were leaping!  Trust me, it was thrilling!










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