67/365 – Framed

Landscape, Nature, Photography

Well goodness me, I tip my hats to those dedicated photographers who a) manage to get out of bed early in the name of photography and b) capture stunning shots.   I was up at 5.30 this morning and tromped, bleary eyed, to the summit of Mam Tor to await the sunrise.  The wind was gusting at what felt like gale force, and I almost lost my camera twice when a particularly strong gust tipped my tripod over (quick reactions saved it – phew!).

The sunrise lasted a mere 3-4 minutes as the sun popped up then slid across the space between the horizon and the bottom of the looming rain clouds!  It was beautiful and I only wish I could have captured what I saw.    A little later, after we had all eaten our fill of bacon butties fresh from the camper van, I whipped out an old photo frame and set up my photo of the day.

So, not having taken many sunrise shots before, I learnt several things:

  • Heavy, sturdy tripods are a must
  • Don’t rely on manual focus when your eyes are streaming and your hair is being whipped across your face
  • Don’t expect to get ANY decent shots on your first sunrise outing
  • Always bring a flask
  • Using live view eats your battery.  In 24 hours I used two fully charged batteries!



2 thoughts on “67/365 – Framed”

  1. Very clever first image. I’ve learned that getting up for sunrise gets easier the more you do it. Getting all our gear ready the night before is a big help.

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