63/365 – iPortrait

Photography, Portrait

Another manic evening wandering around the house trying to find a suitable photo.   At one point I had my other half running up and down the stairs with torches – it was not appreciated.   I then attempted some flash photography but my batteries ran out within the first few shots and I had no spares.  So, I scrolled through some ideas online and came across this one. It is in no way as simple as it looks and I had to make use of my handy, light-waving assistant (but the photo is taken by me using a wireless shutter release).  Again, there was a lot of grumbling from the other half.   So, although this is a pretty mediocre shot, I’m happy to have got at least half way to the result I was after…and I’ve just realised how incredibly ginormous my nose looks on that screen!

3 thoughts on “63/365 – iPortrait”

  1. I am so impressed that you are still going…and showing such creativity! Love this photo 🙂 Tracy Davy

    • Thanks Tracy! It’s nice to know that people are following my challenge and are supportive! Helps keeps me focused!

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