61/365 – It’s all about the hair

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Black and white, Photography, Portrait

My most challenging day yet!  I ventured back to see my hairdresser this afternoon after he agreed to let me photograph him.   I knew the situation would really test me.  To be more specific, I knew it would test my flash photography skills by putting me under pressure in an environment where the lighting was difficult and the subject, although known to me, was not someone I knew well.    And I did crack.  I started to sweat and fiddle and talk at a million miles an hour.   He on the other hand, was cool, calm and collected as I struggled with the flash settings.  Without a reflector and a diffuser I found it difficult to get a nice balanced light, although I have no doubt that an experienced photographer could have done without these things.

It was most definitely a learning curve and the outcome was more low-key and moody than I had envisaged.   In my fluster, I didn’t even think to try and boost the ISO and just work with the ambient light.  On reflection, I needed to pay more attention to the environment and the tools of his trade although did like the use of the mirror.   Where are the scissors?!  D’oh!

I did accost another person in the salon – a rather dashing, chiseled young man with an awesome moustache!  He just happened to be friends with my hairdresser so I didn’t miss the opportunity to take a snap!  This time, I did away with the flash!


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