57/365 – Steel steps

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Black and white, Photography, Street Photography

Today I asked my hairdresser whether he’d be happy for me to photograph him.  He’s sleek, immaculately dressed, well manicured and in my humble opinion would make a super subject.  The salon is uber trendy (I must point out that I am not) with young hipsters modelling their asymmetrical hairdos in a retro fitted, bare brick, former cutlery works building. I had it all planned out in my head.  There would be scissors, mirrors, a hair dryer! He was even wearing the perfect outfit for a great black and white portrait.  Unfortunately, he was pretty busy and there was no time to mess about, so he’s invited me back at a later date to shoot his best side!

After that failed attempt, I decided to take a few quick snaps on the Steel Steps behind Sheffield Train Station. I set out to capture some feet in motion but most people saw the camera and tried to skirt around me.  This was the only image where someone walked towards the centre of the frame (where I wanted them). I grabbed the shot and headed off to catch my train.

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