56/365 – The Grind

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Black and white, Photography, Street Photography

I wandered around town in my lunch break today to try and get out of my photographic rut.  I shot statues, buildings and a range of people including the local hotdog seller who was happy to pose.  I then came across some young lads skateboarding and asked if they could do some tricks for the camera.  They obliged.   I felt a little weird bossing them about and asking them to come in from this angle and that direction.    I guess because of my nerves, I didn’t really go all out and if I was being critical, I might try a slower shutter speed to get some motion blur.  I also have no idea what kind of trick this is so apologies to any skaters for the inaccurate title! I was chuffed at my bravery for asking and am happy with today’s shot!



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