40/365 – Me vs. the world!

Photography, Portrait

This is something I’ve tried once before – combining my cartoons and photography – although last time, I wasn’t so hung up on the photo.   I drew my caricature a couple of weeks ago (day 26/365) and knew I was going to use it at some point down the line, so why not tonight?!  It took me a while to find an appropriate book, the full title of which is Dave Gorman vs. The Rest of the WorldIt seemed apt because I’ve had a string of rubbish days recently.  I suppose it’s worth mentioning that Dave Gorman’s book title is not a journey of self discovery or triumph over adversity, but a comedic slant on gamesmanship!

7 thoughts on “40/365 – Me vs. the world!”

  1. This picture really amused me to no end. Keep combing the cartoons and photos, it’s whimsical and so much fun. 🙂

  2. I missed your other post with pictures and cartoons combined. They’re very appealing and fun. I especially liked this one – I’ve been having a few rubbish days myself!

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