39/365 – Breaking bad

Abstract, Black and white, Photography, Portrait

The aim of day 39 was to capture a wide angle shot of a squirrel.   Armed with a bag of nuts, an array of lenses and tripods, a group of us headed to the local botanical gardens to charm a furry friend!   It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by fat, hungry squirrels eager for a treat. Despite our best efforts, most of the shots were of squirrel armpits, feet, tails and out of focus cheeks. One squirrel hugged my lens as it tried to wrangle a nut from my fingers.  We soon ran out of treats and headed off on what turned out to be a 7 photo shoot.   Some street photography, flowers, water, graffiti and derelict buildings – so many subjects it was hard to choose a photo of the day!    So here is a selection.

untitled_62_150208 untitled_85_150208 untitled_39_150208

Oh and of course, a squirrel armpit!



3 thoughts on “39/365 – Breaking bad”

  1. Aww, the squirrels must have loved you. Or at least your camera, if they were hugging it. Funny!

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