38/365 – Bear necessities and Flickr exploration

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I spent a good few hours trying to learn about flash photography today.    I played with all sorts of ideas, objects and angles of flash, just to get a feel for my manual Yongnuo 560 Speedlite.  I attempted to capture falling grains of barley, flowers floating on water, bananas, pebbles, seed heads and my other half – all with with varying degrees of success.  In the image of the day, I placed a reflector behind the toy and the flash off camera to the left.  It is a simple image but I felt it demonstrated today’s lessons.

In other news, I was also thrilled to find that yesterday’s 365 image got an ‘Explore’ on Flickr!  If you don’t know what an Explore is, Flickr describes it as follows:

Explore is Flickr’s way of showcasing the most interesting photos within a given point in time – usually over a 24 hour period. Flickr receives about 6,000 uploads every minute – That’s about 8.6 million photos a day! From this huge group of images, the Flickr Interestingness algorithm chooses only 500 images to showcase for each 24-hour period. That’s only one image in every 17,000!


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