33/365 – Not a good day

Nature, Photography

Why was it not a good day?  Because I have the full blown lurgy.  Streaming eyes, blocked nose, head that feels as though it’s locked in a vice and a cough that comes from deep within my chest. I spent 18+ hours in bed before dragging myself to the sofa, then back to bed.  Thank god for laptops, paracetemol and satsumas.   My photo of the day is a view of the end of my bed – I didn’t have the energy to play around setting up shots, so I’m afraid it is simply a record shot of my boredom and misery!   I toyed with giving myself a break and sticking up any old picture, but I remain committed to taking a photo a day and I will share it despite the lack of creativity!  To make up for the boring photograph of the day,  I have included a lovely shot of a Robin that I snapped yesterday morning before the virus fully took hold!

33/365 - Not a good day

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